What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a layer of chemical applied to the car’s body for extra protection for the car paintwork. The compound is a polymer that bond with the paint giving the paintwork additional protection from harmful chemicals and prevent corrosion, leaving a glossy look on the surface. Ceramic coating is durable with proper maintenance, and it can last you for a few years before replacing. It provides a hydrophobic effect allowing the customer to wash and maintain quickly too. Fret not; it does not have any side effects on the body paint! The body of a ceramic coated car will be smooth and free of dirt particles. Such surfaces leave no place for dirt to stick onto it. Just a simple wash with water and a clean cloth brings the car’s radiant look back to life, so much easier to clean!

9H ceramic diamond coating available with many packages!

Spraying Painting

Divine Splash has in-house candy series paint import from the US. Customer can customize their favourite colours with us! We use PPG Premium Paint full rack, top-grade Nippon extra solid clear coat and Glasurit Clearcoat to ensure the quality of the result.  Not only our in-house candy series spray painting, but we also offer other colour customization too. Just drop by our shop, and we can work together to achieve the colour which you want for your beloved ride!

(Send us an image for respray painting quotation)

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