About Us

About Us

It all starts from an interest in customized colours and passion for cars to a spray paint shop.

Divine Splash Spray Painting strives for excellence in whatever we do, dedication and patience in every job. Here at Divine Splash, Customer can have peace of mind if they are worried about colour difference after a car damage repair.

We have a full range rack of PPG premium paint that matches 100% of all car model original colours

— respraying your car with full infrared Baking Booth for paintwork enhancement and not forgetting our forte in spraying our in-house candy colours import from the US. Customer can even customize their favourite colours with us!

Why Us

Quality Spray Painting

Because we strongly believe the quality of every job, with premium paintwork – Glasurit  Clearcoat, PPG premium Clearcoat as well as Nippon extra solid clear coat, customer can rest assure to have a long-lasting glow on their car.

We provide a 1 stop cosmetic service in our
spray-painting shop and car detailing.

We are located in Synergy@kb, you will see us when you turn up to level 5.

Allow us to have a chance to invite you to have a look at our full rack of colours if you are interested in spraying your car!

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